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We Train Everyday Athletes

At Synergy Performance we believe strength and conditioning is for everyone.  We are all athletes in our own way. Some of us train to perform better at our jobs, to play with our kids, to be athletes, and so much more.  Our goal is to train each individual to become an everyday athlete that can handle all the demands life throws our way.  

We train our everyday athletes by using constantly varied movements at relative high intensity with accessory work to help support performance and aesthetics.  

Membership Pricing

First Class is FREE

Unlimited Class Membership
$99.00/Monthly includes classes Monday though Friday (please refer to calendar below) as well as open gym.   Includes access to Synergy Fitness. Ages 18 and over


Unlimited Student Membership
$79.00/Monthly includes classes Monday though Friday (please refer to calendar below)   Ages 14 - 17 with parental consent.

Coach Steven


Steven has been a Certified Performance coach for the past 3 years. 

He has worked with athletes of all ages and levels helping to improve mobility and performance.  Steven understands each person is unique and each person's intensity levels are unique.  He helps each everyday athlete function at peak performance and ability.  

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