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Aaron Degler

Better Mind to Better Body

Many say that, “fitness saved my life.” Although this applies to Aaron Degler, the pursuit of fitness has defined his life’s mission. Aaron’s quest begins as the overweight kid struggling to unleash the inner athlete. Setting a course to develop better athleticism, he discovered not only a passion, but also a lifelong interest in the study of movement and mechanics through weight lifting.


Not a natural born athlete, Aaron’s persistence and tenacity allowed him two primary gifts. First, applied desire breeds discipline, and consistently applied discipline is the antidote for fear. Second, most failure is driven by fear and fear comes in many forms. Overcoming our fear, a key ingredient to succeed in the pursuit of excellence.

A common fear within many individuals striving to become more fit is the fear of sustainable lifestyle changes. Aaron’s methods and programs are centered in sustainable and circumstantial flexibility. Whether training an elite athlete to make incremental improvements, aiding the rehab and recovery of a injury, or someone who realizes that health changes are the only sure way to avoid premature demise, his programs have a proven track record of outstanding results.


This unique perspective makes Aaron a gifted and intuitive personal trainer. Much of what is termed, “personal training” in today’s field of fitness derived from retired or failed athletic pursuits wherein the trainer sets a personal bench mark and challenges the client to try and achieve a similar result.


Aaron understands the struggle and the inner personal fear of not being the natural athlete. This has resulted in his, “Better Mind to Better Body” training program. Aaron teaches his clients to, “train the mind to train the body”. This concept, although present in all successful athletes, it is not found in most quick fix options for the average individual striving to be the best athlete they can.

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